1. Broadway Bound Program
    Broadway Bound Program
    If you love broadway then you will love combining all of these classes into your dance instruction! Taking Tap, Theatre Jazz and Ballet each week will strengthen your skills for Broadway. Students who participate in our Broadway Bound Program will have access to fun events throughout the year showcasing all the styles you see in your favorite broadway shows! Check out the pricing details on the payment and policies page!
  2. Triple Beats Program
    Triple Beats Program
    From Tap and Modern/Contemporary to Hip-Hop and Leaps and Turns, dancers will triple their talent in this program. Working in these styles will strengthen the dancer's rhythm, timing and musicality. Dancer's participating in this program will automatically have discounted access to other master classes and events throughout the year held at EGCDC.
  3. Contemporary
    Students in this class will learn floor work, resistance, rise and fall motion control and musicality. Dancers will understand the importance of the use of space while moving through and the interesting shapes this form can create in choreography from it's lowest point (the floor) to the highest (jumping, flying). Dancers will gain strength, breathe, and connectivity to each other in partnering as well as individual confidence. Fall Classes: Thursdays 7:30-8:30pm Ages 10+
  4. Hip-Hop Technique and Choreography
    Hip-Hop Technique and Choreography
    Locking, popping, waving, grooving, foot work and break dance are all included in this class. Students will learn the foundations of hip-hop dance. Non Stop movement in all aspects of the class from beginning warmup, across the floor, center work and choreography. At the completion they will come out a stronger and more defined hip-hop dancer. Fall Classes: Mondays 7-8pm Ages 10+ Thursdays 5:30-6:30pm Ages 7-9
  5. Modern and Lyrical
    Modern and Lyrical
    Concepts from Limon, Graham, Dunham, etc. are brought to the students in these classes. The use of Ballet is a big foundation in lyrical movement. Balancing creative concepts with ballet and modern technique is what this class is all about. Fall Classes: Lyrical Mondays 5-6pm Ages 7+
  6. Leaps and Turns
    Leaps and Turns
    This technique class is an hour fully dedicated to working and progressing a dancer's spotting for turns, power for jetes, Chaine, su tenu, pirouettes, fouettes, etc. Each week will be focused on progressing and learning new leaps and turns. A fun class to just concentrate on those singles, doubles and triples! This class does not participate in the recital. Fall Classes: Thursdays 4:30-5:30pm
  7. Jazz
    Students will strengthen their technique and knowledge and discover the love of this art form. Jazz dance is expressive, exciting, sleek and smooth. Each class will explore the different ranges that make this genre so unique and special. Fall Classes: Beg. Theatre Jazz Mondays 4-5pm Ages 7-9 Int/Adv Jazz Mondays 6-7pm Ages 15+ Int. Theatre Jazz Thursdays 5:30-6:30pm Ages 10-14
Show Stoppers Program Ages 2-6
Our Show Stoppers will be engaged in a fun interactive class focusing on movement, coordination and rhythm. The use of props such as hoops, scarves, bean bags, cones and floor pictures help our budding dancers understand the basic skills in dance. The combination of styles for this age group is designed to introduce different forms of dance in a fun, friendly, and safe space.

  1. Kids/Teens Fit and Fun
    Kids/Teens Fit and Fun
    An hour long class designed to get kids moving using age appropriate exercises in a fun and non-judgmental atmosphere. We will work on building strength, flexibility, agility and coordination as well as self-esteem all while having fun in a child-lead fun zone! Fall Classes: Teen Fit and Fun Mondays 3-4pm Kids Fit and Fun Thursdays 3:30-4:30pm
  2. Intermediate Ballet Ages 10-14
    Intermediate Ballet Ages 10-14
    Students in Intermediate Ballet will continue to add to their knowledge of ballet technique and add more advanced steps to their repertoire. In addition to their exploration of space, time, and energy, students will learn the importance of their upper body and carriage of their arms. Students will also begin working on strengthening their core and articulation of their feet (as a preparation for pointe work*). As a class we will experiment with performance qualities and our own choices as artists. Fall Classes: Tuesdays 6-7pm
  3. Advanced Ballet Ages 15 and Up
    Advanced Ballet Ages 15 and Up
    Students in Advanced Ballet will continue to develop proficiency in classical ballet technique, including classical and contemporary ballet repertoire. There will be an emphasis on performance qualities and musicality. We will work on developing strength and coordination of the whole body, as well as articulation in the hands and feet. Students will continue to integrate the dance concepts of space, time, and energy, as it relates to ballet. Exercising the use of their own personalities and creativity will cultivate individual expression and bring their own qualities to the ballet variations learned in class. Fall Classes: Tuesdays 7-8pm Adult Ballet Mondays 8-9pm
  4. Pointe (By Evaluation Only)
    Pointe (By Evaluation Only)
    Students in Pointe will build upon their knowledge of ballet technique and strengthen their core and feet in order to perform efficiently and safely in their pointe shoes. We will focus on specific pointe exercises to integrate the movement and also continue to work on performance qualities and dynamic choices. Our focus in this class will be core strength and foot articulation, but with a continued focus on artistry and performance. (This class maybe for ages 12/13 and up. Students are evaluated and will need a Pointe prep in the intermediate levels prior to this class) Fall Classes: Tuesdays 8-9pm
  5. Beginning Ballet Ages 7-9
    Beginning Ballet Ages 7-9
    Students in Beginning Ballet will learn the basic building blocks of ballet technique, as well as classroom etiquette. We will continue to learn about the dance concepts of space, time, and energy in relation to ballet technique. Dancers will work to create a supportive environment in order to advance the whole group and foster pleasure in dancing with one another. Fall Classes: Tuesdays 5-6pm
  6. Composition/Choreography
    In this class we will explore how the dance concepts of space, time, and energy can be used to manipulate movement we create and also produce new movement. Our goal is to find new and innovative ways of moving and pasting together movement to create dance. This class is open to any movement styles and is a safe space for young artists to experiment with their ideas. Fall Classes: Mini Camps coming this Fall for this fun class!
  7. EGC Flexibilty Hour / Stretch Class
    EGC Flexibilty Hour / Stretch Class
    This class concentrates on obtaining more flexibility for leaps, splits, battements, ponches, etc. This is a technique only class and does not participate in the recital. Also offered for adults, this class concentrates on gaining more flexibility and strength. You will feel stronger, longer and refreshed! Fall Classes: Adult Morning Stretch Wednesdays 9-10am Flexibility Sessions to be announced for Students!
  8. Acro
    This class concentrates on developing skills from beginning to end. Acrobatic Arts certified, the syllabus is designed to strengthen and progress in a safe and productive way. Students will gain confidence and power in their skills class after class. Students will be place in class by skill level and can advance if qualified. Fall Classes: Fridays 6:15-7:15pm
  9. Tap
    Tap is a huge part of dance history. From soft shoe to hoofing to rhythm tap to the broadway rockettes, tap has brought musicality to dancers. In this class, students will learn from different styles, different approaches and expand their knowledge of the genre. Fall Classes: Int. Tap Mondays 6-7pm Ages 10-14 Teen Tap Thursdays 6:30-7:30pm
  10. Boys Breaking and Beats
    Boys Breaking and Beats
    Boys this class is for you! Open Aged class for 7 and above we will concentrate on strength, rhythm, Elements of break dance and Hip-Hop, along with musicality and high energy fun! Fall Classes: 4 week sessions starting 10/6! 10/6, 10/13, 10/27, 11/3 $65 per session Fridays 5:15-6:15pm
  11. Performance Technique
    Performance Technique
    Performance Technique We concentrate so much on what our body is doing we forget about our expressions! This pop up class is a fun addition given through out the year to improve our dancers performance and connection to the music. Fall Classes: Pop Up Class! Watch out for it!

Mini Camp Sessions for
Days off from School

We have many options available during days off for your children!
• For the dancer at heart we have sessions of dance classes
• For your artistic dancer we have sessions of dance classes and arts & crafts
• For your child who loves to socialize we have sessions of dance, games and creativity! 
You can pick one or mutiple sessions that suit your child!
Try it all! Mini Camp Session: 9:30-12:30pm​​
Thursday Sept 21st Ages 7-14- $50
A mix of Tap, Theatre Jazz, Ballet, Hip-Hop and Leaps and turns!  If you love to dance and you want to test out all the classes come to this Mini Camp Session!

​Register Here: https://app3.jackrabbitclass.com/regv2.asp?id=531076

Hip-Hop Mini Camp Session: 9:30-11pm
Thursday Sept 21st Ages 5-10​- $30
Covering the different styles of Hip-Hop each day, this camp will be filled with Breakdancing, popping, locking and fun!  
​Register Here: https://app3.jackrabbitclass.com/regv2.asp?id=531076

Animal Planet Mini Camp Session: 11-12:30pm
Thursday, Sept. 21st Ages 2-6 $30
Animals, Animals, Animals!!! We will go on a safari, rescue some stranded kittens and puppies (stuffed animals) and dance like lions and tigers and bears oh my!
​Register Here: https://app3.jackrabbitclass.com/regv2.asp?id=531076

More Mini Camp Sessions
to be announced!