Contemporary, Modern, Lyrical, Composition Classes

Show Stoppers
Ages 2-6

Students in this class will learn floor work, resistance, rise and fall motion control and musicality. Dancers will understand the importance of the use of space while moving through and the interesting shapes this form can create in choreography from it's lowest point (the floor) to the highest (jumping, flying). Dancers will gain strength, breathe, and connectivity to each other in partnering as well as individual confidence.
• Must take Ballet along with this class

Mondays 6:45-7:45pm Int. Contemporary- Ages 10-12

Tuesdays 6-7pm Int/Adv. Contemporary- Ages 13+

Modern and Lyrical Choreography

Concepts from Limon, Graham, Dunham, etc. are brought to the students in these classes. The use of Ballet is a big foundation in lyrical movement. Balancing creative concepts with ballet and modern technique is what this class is all about.
• Must take Ballet along with this class

Technique Classes
Leaps and Turns
Adult Classes

In this class we will explore how the dance concepts of space, time, and energy can be used to manipulate movement we create and also produce new movement. Our goal is to find new and innovative ways of moving and pasting together movement to create dance. This class is open to any movement styles and is a safe space for young artists to experiment with their ideas.

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$675 per year or $67.50 per month - 45min- 1 hour class per week includes 1 showcase costume, 1 pair of tights for the showcase, and EGC Dance Bag received in September.

​$1340 per year or $134 per month-1hour 45min-  2 hours of class per week includes 2 showcase costumes, 2 pair of tights for the showcase, and EGC Dance Bag received in September.

Additional Pricing details on Pricing and Policies Page
Pricing and Policies
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Class Attire:
•any color leotard, tight-fitting top
•tight dance shorts with tights 
•hair must be securely tied back and out of face

•any color tight fitting t-shirt or tank 
•black dance pants, athletic shorts