Tap Classes

Show Stoppers
Ages 2-6


​​Tap is a huge part of dance history. From soft shoe to hoofing to rhythm tap to the broadway rockettes, tap has brought musicality to dancers. In this class, students will learn from different styles, different approaches and expand their knowledge of the genre.

Beg/Int. ADULT Tap Mondays 4:45-5:45pm

Beg/Int. Tap Mondays 4:45-5:45pm Ages 10-12

Int/Adv Tap Tuesdays 8-9pm- Ages 10+

Broadway Bound Program

If you love broadway then you will love combining all of these classes into your dance instruction!
Taking Tap, Theatre Jazz and Ballet each week will strengthen your skills for Broadway.
Students who participate in our Broadway Bound Program will have access to fun events throughout the year showcasing all the styles you see in your favorite broadway shows!

​Pricing: Additional $220 per year on top of tuition, or $22 per month added to tuition

Technique Classes
Leaps and Turns
Adult Classes
$675 per year or $67.50 per month - 45min - 1 hour class per week includes 1 showcase costume, 1 pair of tights for the showcase, and EGC Dance Bag received in September.

​$1340 per year or $134 per month- 1hr 45min- 2 hours of class per week includes 2 showcase costumes, 2 pair of tights for the showcase, and EGC Dance Bag received in September.

Additional Pricing details on Pricing and Policies Page
Pricing and Policies
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Class Attire:
•black jazz shoes (you can order through EGC)
•hair must be securely tied back and out of face GIRLS: 
•any style/color leotard, Tight fitting top
•tight dance shorts with tights 
•long black jazz pants or black leggings are allowed  

•any t-shirt or tight fitting top 
•black dance pants, athletic shorts